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What and Why?
By Vicki Nowak aka Me2Funny
 Picking your nose, what does it do for you? Do you get a charge out of having a
booger on the end of your fingertip? Like if you point the booger at something, does it zap it away? Are you going to say "look America, I have a booger on my finger?" Gee that is
something to be proud of.

 Do you use a Q-tip to dig that crusty green booger out of your nostril and then pretend the
Q-tip is a sling shot and shoot it across the room?

 Maybe you like to decorate your walls with boogies, or wipe them on the furniture for
decoration. People do that ya know.

  What makes that booger so special that people that a person feels the need to leave a mark in a variety of places? It doesn't not have your name on it, how do we know who it belongs to?  I never heard of anyone claiming that was my booger. So why do we see them on walls and furniture so much? I don't get it.

 What do you do with the wax from ears? Why do we feel we really accomplished
something getting that out? Do we really hear better? Do you store it in a container
and save it until you have enough to make a wax candle?

 Then we have white dry flakes that like to live in ears. The flakes seem to act like
 some magnetic force drawing our finger to them. Our finger goes in the ear channel,
 rotates around, and then comes out. Its like its set on automatic, hold it in front of you
 and see what you have, oh white stuff. Yuck! I liked that so much I gotta do it again.

  Another trip inside the ear, this time my finger will do the spiral walk. Wow! I got a
 whole load of flakes on the tip of my fingernail this time. Hmmm, What to do with all
 these flakes. If I save them for the next year, I could use them for fake white snow. The
 other choice is the natural thing, flick em. Take your index finger, gently press in inside
 your thumb, run your finger upward and do the flick it. Yea, thats it, lets all do the flick
 it. Put the music on and we can start a new dance. Maybe M. J. could change the
 words from beat it to flick it.

 Moving on to passing gas. Lift one rump or leg higher then the other to release gas.
 Are their special directions needed to get certain gas stinkers to come out or what?
 Do different sizes need directions, do some have a certain style of exit?

 The most curious of all to me is, when someone plays catch a fart. Yea, a person will try to  catch it. They slap that hand behind by their backside as if to catch it. Has someone ever seen one of those little stinkers? Do they have a shape? What would you do if you could catch it? It is not as if you would use it for a fragrance in your house or
something. Why do people try to catch it? Very mysterious to me. Catch it, what is that  all about?

 What and why do people do these things?

  ©Vicki Nowak