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The Disgusting Thing I found in my Laundry that Smelled Like Poop!
By Laura Galileo

OK, here's what happened. I'm a regular average homemaker who is required by some strange unwritten law to do the laundry once or twice a week. It's a simple task that typically takes a few hours. After doing laundry the clothes usually smell quite clean and fresh. Except this time.

I have one of those types of men who even though the laundry hamper is less than 2 feet away they feel it's just too far to have to drop their clothes into the darned thing. In our house we have 1 cat that is a turd flinger. In other words, she not only buries her waste, she launches it. Well, this little habit led to a revolting discovery.

After washing a load of clothes, I hurriedly tossed them into the dryer. As I was putting the stuff in, I noticed an odd smell. I thought maybe hubby's socks were a bit extra fermented this week. Boy was I ever wrong! As I looked down at the pair of his jeans I was carrying to the dryer, there, less than 2 inches from my face was the largest, most incredibly mammoth sized piece of laundered cat poop I think I had ever seen in my life!

 If you think that a piece of cat poop stinks less after being washed, then you are wrong! I think cat poop is produced with a protective layer to keep the intense smell in while only releasing enough odor to make it's presence known. Washing a turd removed this protective layer allowing all the foulest of smells that are contained deep within the turd to escape freely. Well, the smell was bad enough that it not only wreaked up the laundry room, but it got out into the hallway and could be smelled 2 floors away.

A word to the wise. If you have a husband, and a turd launching cat, make sure hubby doesn't leave his clothes within target range of the litter box. If he does, make sure to shake the clothes out before washing them. It will save you the trouble of having to wash the same load twice.